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Booster Shots

Nutrient/Vitamin Injection Therapy Menu

This is not your ordinary B12 injection!


Halt your fatigue with a blend of six B vitamins to help reduce stress, depression, mental fatigue, and anxiety while suppressing inflammation and fighting damaging free radicals.


Price: $40

Immunity Boost

This “protection injection” of CoQ10+ provides the essential nutrients to fortify your immune system against diseases. It helps to repair tissue, enhance recovery and soothe soreness so you can increase your immunity level.


Price: $40

Hair / Skin

The ultimate combination of Biotin will smooth your skin and strengthen your hair. This injection will lighten, brighten and help turn back time from the inside out.


Price: $40

Energy Kick

This injection of a variety of B-vitamins in addition to Methionine, Inositol, Choline will help you achieve the optimal energy, performance and metabolism needed to conquer your day to stay competitive.


Price: $40

Antioxidant Boost

Our glutathione injection holds antioxidant properties, which will remove free radicals in your body and improve your immunity levels, as well as reduce your cholesterol and risk of developing cancer.


Price: $40

Memory Booster

This fortifying injection combines methylcobalamin, six B vitamins and Methionine, Inositol, Choline to help improve the energy for your brain and body necessary for cell growth and maintenance. This unique injection will enhance your mental clarity, boost your memory and focus, and protect your brain from degenerative conditions


Price: $45